Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Vicky's Pretties items for sale on Folksy and Etsy

Hi All,

Take a look at my new items i have for sale on my Folksy site: http://folksy.com/shops/VickysPretties and my Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VickysPretties

Cupcake hanging decoration: £5.00

Shabby chic hanging bird: £4.50

Shabby chic hanging bird: £4.50

Thankyou for looking:
Vicky's Pretties xx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining

The word ‘recession’ has been hanging around like a dark cloud for sometime now, everyone is talking about it, every one knows it’s there and we all wish it would go away and let the sun come out!
England was once a hub for manufacturing and exporting, it is now on the brink of becoming a country with lost talent, downtrodden hopes and endless pursuits. What is happening to our country? Household names and well-known businesses are struggling and closing down; we are all being forced into buying mass-produced and over-priced goods of poor quality, as apposed to products that would last a life-time in previous years.
Great Britain is not so ‘Great’ anymore and is plummeting downhill fast. Almost all of the goods we see in Britain nowadays are made with cheap labour and imported in from abroad, what used to be a country with a highly skilled workforce has turned into a country were over 2.6 million people are jobless.
Old factories and mills are left abandoned, beautiful buildings with so much history lay dormant, shops on the high street are closing down at an alarming rate, there is only a slight glint of what it used to be like to live in England, and now the future looks bleak.
People hear ‘recession’ and a mass panic breaks out, food prices rise, fuel prices rise, property prices rise and so-on, more people cannot afford high prices, so they spend less money and then other businesses go under as a result, more people lose their jobs and so the cycle continues.

So what on earth is going to happen?

I have begun to notice a trend catching on in little Britain, people are finally realising enough is enough. Why are we working endless hours for a mediocre wage? Why are we stressing ourselves out to make the big cheeses more money, so they can become richer and we can become poorer? So, slowly but surely, people are beginning to fight back and chase their dreams.
Quaint little tea-rooms and cupcakeries are opening up all over the place, new florists, independent clothing boutiques and home interior shops are popping up here and there, farmers are promoting home-grown food again, all of these offering something new and ‘different’ into the mix.
From working in the clothing industry I know that the English Heritage look is a key trend this season, everyone wants to get on there wax jackets, pull on there wellies and get stuck in, we know that we are loosing England as it was and people are pulling together to keep our country ‘Great’, and everyone wants a slice of what it used to be like to live in England when it was at it’s best.
Barbour the iconic British lifestyle brand favoured by the country bumpkin and known for it’s quilted and wax jackets, still manufactures there classic wax coat as ‘Made in England’ in their South Shields based factory today. It has received an incredible demand in the past few months as everyone wants a piece of English Heritage that will last for years to come, and I doubt that this will not be the only company who will soon realise that ‘Made in England’ is slowly on the rise again.
People are beginning to make their own clothes, making handmade furnishings for their home, cooking meals from scratch with local ingredients, it seems to me that this country has almost done a complete cycle and manufacturing will slowly return on a smaller scale, and soon there will be no need for these big companies offering us poor quality goods, because we can do a much better job ourselves thankyou!

So pull out your Singer, blow of the dust and lets make a difference, Great Britain isn’t called Great Britain for nothing you know!

Vicky’s Pretties xx

Image taken from: http://www.holoweb.net/~liam/pictures/2004-07-toronto/pages/cimg1620/

Mossley Craft Fair at Woodend Mill January 2012

Hi All,

So today i bared the cold and headed on down to Woodend Mill in Mossley for their first craft fair of the year! First of all can i just say i love Mossley, the stone cottages and snow tipped hills were just beautiful!
I arrived by train at the cutest little station ever and carried my 'pretties' through the streets of Mossley to Woodend Mill (without gloves...bad idea!)
The craft show was based in two units in the old mill with regulars and newbies, and what a lovely bunch of people they all are, despite the cold i had a lovely day nattering around the stove fire!
I saw some fantastic work and was very tempted to buy lots of things!

There was a fantastic landscape artist called Paul Scragg from Liverpool who paints with watercolours, what a talent! I have not seen paintings like this for a long time, they are the sort you can stare at for hours and feel like you are actually in the picture! (Email:Pauls.art@hotmail.com for more details)

There was also another lovely lady called Sandy B, who started out doing pastel drawings of her friends pets as presents, and now she has begun a small business creating pets portraits! They were just brilliant, she has an excellent eye for detail and they were an absaloute bargain at £20.00 per picture. (Email:sjandhjbinmore@yahoo.co.uk for more details)

...And last but not least a man very passionate about making model houses, he has started his own business creating 3D photographs, he had a lovely 3D country pub with little benches outside and told me he handpaints tea leaves for the flowers in the flower boxes in the windows! The attention to detail was just amazing, he mostly works on commisions with pubs and little shops, he can also transform wedding photographs into 3D, a perfect little wedding gift. Take a look at his website: http://www.mossleymodelmaker.com/

Below are some of the photographs from my fab day at Mossley craft centre xx Enjoy! xx

And finally Penny the Pomeranian...adorable!! xx

Vicky's Pretties pick of the week: Decorative door cat and mouse

Hi All,

This week's pick of the week is a business local to Manchester, based in the quaint little village of Mossley. Owned by a lovely man and lady, they re-create new items out of old household items and have a very good eye for woodwork, handmade clocks and candle holders. My personal favourite is this lovely decorative door cat and mouse, definitely unique and a great talking point as you walk into a room! You can buy their products online at: http://folksy.com/shops/ReFindCreations. Take a look x

An absaloute bargain at only £3.00 xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Stockport Market Hall craft fair

A bit of a dreary day in Manchester, having to dodge in and out of the doorways to avoid the random downpours!
However, today i made my way to Stockport Market hall for the first time ever since i have lived in Manchester to check out the arts and crafts fair! I came accross some lovely quaint little buildings along the way and thought i would snap some of these...i take my inspiration from everything!
The Stockport market hall is just lovely, and i love all of the old kiosks inside, i felt like i had stepped back into the Victorian era! There were also some lovely arts and crafts stalls selling everything from greeting cards to soaps and chocolates, i think i may have to get myself a stall here very soon ;-)
All in all a good day...despite the rain!
Take a look xxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Vicky's Pretties, new items for sale on Folksy

Hi All,

I have just recently added a couple of new items for sale on my Folksy website: http://www.folksy.com/shops/VickysPretties
Fingers crossed i am hoping there will be new additions all week next week in preparation for my next craft fair at 'Mossley Craft Market' on Saturday 28th January. Come along and say hi!

Shabby chic bird: I have 3 of these available at £4.50 each

Shabby chic handpainted candle holder: I have 3 of these available at £4.50 each.

Thankyou for looking Vicky's Pretties xxx

Vicky's Pretties 'pick of the week': Floral paper wreaths

Hi All,

So i have finally been out and about scouting for new lovelies, and today i came accross the most adorable paper floral wreaths, these would just look lovely hanging on a door to give that perfect shabby chic look to your home! I think i may have to go back and purchase one for myself!! Take a look, these were £16.99 each and available to buy at your nearest Home Sense store.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hand sewn floral heart in wooden frame

Hi all!

I have finally decided to make something special with the beautiful fabric and buttons i found in Hong Kong! I have created a shabby chic inspired picture and framed it in a lovely rustic frame! I have two of these for sale now on Folksy at £6.00 each, have a look: http://www.folksy.com/shops/VickysPretties
I also have more to follow, i will be creating more of these with my other lovely fabrics i have available...watch this space!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

New cushion designs on sale now

Hi All,
I have had a busy day making cushions out of some lovely fabric i have just bought! One is a lilac vintage look print, i have two of these for sale at £9.99 each, complete with cushion inner.
The other is my absaloute favourite Cath Kidston cut roses print, i also have 2 of these complete with inner for £11.99.
Both are available to buy now on my folksy site: http://www.folksy.com/shops/VickysPretties
I can also make any other items you require (providing they are fairly small) with the same prints!
Hope you like them!

xxx Vicky's Pretties xxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My mad Hong Kong/Shanghai design trip Oct 2011

Hi all,
Hong Kong/Shanghai design trip in Oct 2011. What an inspirational country, everywhere you look there are trendy people, new ideas and so many 'different' shops to venture into!
I spent most of my Hong Kong time in Kowloon bay, where I found an amazing little mall which totally gave Affleck's palace in Manchester a run for it's money, it was like Affleck's but 5x the size, i could have spent hours in there looking at all the beautifully handmade homeware and clothes...amazing!!
Then there was the ladies market and temple street market, not to be missed by night, what a fantastic experience, prepare to be hassled by all the sellers, but what a way to spend an evening than to find a perfect little bag, and spend half an hour haggling the price down, i became a pro towards the end of my trip!!
Sham Shui Po, was the most fantastic idea i have ever seen, lets just make a few streets and fill them with fabric shops, giving away free fabric swatches by the dozen, take a few empty bags you will need them!!
Shanghai was another different story, if you love arts and crafts you will think you have died and gone to heaven when you step into one of the trims malls, they have every button, bead and trim you could ever have imagined, if you are anything like me you would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, i could have bought the lot...however i didn't and hade to make do with a small selection of carefully chosen buttons, which you can see i have put to good use on my little owl decoration!
Anyway, enough of the talking, here are a few photographs to show you exactly what i mean!! Enjoy!!

Hong Kong photo 1

Hong Kong photo 2

Hong Kong photo 3

Beads...lots and lots of beads!!

Pearls...lots and lots of pearls!!

Zips, buttons, badges, appliques, beads...squirrel tails!! I hope they weren't real!!

A very hazy morning in Hong Kong...looks a bit like Manchester, just a wee bit warmer ;-)

Some small little animal shaped food, which i am almost sure was off the children's menu and only meant for small people, however being the big kid that i am i just had to try some...yummy!


And finally...some fab patchwork teacup chairs found in a shopping mall, for a much needed rest after a busy day shopping and taking in Hong Kong...phew!

Thanks for looking!!
Vicky's Pretties xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

New owl hanging decoration

Happy new year!! I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2011!
I have been busy thinking of new ideas for 2012, i have started with this lovely little owl decoration, i have seen a lot of cute little owl prints around this season and it's very on trend!! I think this would look fab in anyone's home! You can but now from my folksy store at: http://www.folksy.com/items/2790126-Felt-Owl-hanging-decoration